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Malaysian soldiers are truly boleh

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Instead of sending the bird dead body to Perhilitan for further investigation, they cook and eat it.

Malaysia to Charge Soldiers over Hornbill Killing

Five Malaysian soldiers on antipoaching duty face criminal charges after Facebook pictures appeared of them posing with a dead, endangered Great Pied Hornbill bird.

Defense Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the group was part of a force protecting the Royal Belum-Temengor rainforest in the northern state of Perak, when they came across the bird which had been shot by a hunter.

“The bird fell to the ground and upon seeing the dying bird, they slaughtered it,” he told state media late Sunday.

He said the five, including an officer, had been suspended and would be charged under the country’s wildlife laws.

He did not elaborate but an officer with the Department of Wildlife and National Parks told AFP Monday: “An investigation is still ongoing.”

Ahmad Zahid said that although the soldiers were not responsible for shooting the bird, they should have tried to save it rather than killing and posing with it.

The pictures were uploaded onto one of the soldiers’ Facebook profile pages and were distributing widely, causing […]