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UMNO goon threatens DAP with another fire

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I do not aware Malaysia Constitution is giving Malay 7% discount for house and business premises purchase.

I also do not know what is play with fire by this UMNO goon?

What sensitivity UMNO goon is talking about? Subsidize rich Malay and discriminate poor Indian is untouchable Malay sensitivity?

(Bernama) — Umno Information Chief Datuk Ahmad Maslan Sunday reminded Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua not to “play with fire” by proposing the scrapping of discounts for Bumiputera for the purchase of commercial and luxury properties in Selangor.

He said the current percentage of shop houses and business premises owned by Bumiputeras in the urban areas was very low, at only 14 per cent, and that the scrapping of the discounts would only make things worse.

“So, I’m asking YB Tony Pua not to play with fire,” he said, “Don’t even light a match.”