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Money saving tip :: How to choose a right fridge and use it efficiently?

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By NKKhoo

1. Choose the right size and type of fridge to suit your family size.

If your family members are only three to four, 150 to 200L fridge is good enough for you. My old mum in kampung always complained why she has to pay for electricity bill unlike other neighbors who have never exceeded RM20 limit. She bought a 450L fridge to serve as a storage box for every damn foodstuff she could think of. Admittedly many housewives got same funny habit like my old mum to squeeze everything into fridge.

Bigger size fridge consumes more electricity and money to operate.

Spend a bit more money to purchase fridge with inverter which can save up to 1/4 of electricity compared to fridge without inverter.

You should replace more than 10 years old fridge if the door sealing and compressor performance is poor.

2. Keep the fridge away from direct sunlight or heat source.

The spacing between fridge back and side surfaces with the wall and other objects should be wide enough (> 30 cm) for good ventilation.

3. Do not open the fridge door too often and too […]