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HP Computers going to extinction is not a surprise

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Besides poor quality and reliability computer products, HP customer service is as bad as Nokia and Logitech.

Therefore, HP PC going to extinction is not a big surprise to me. This is how Western companies facing stiff competition, they run away instead of improving their business processes and practices.

HP used to be a people oriented company like Motorola in 80s and 90s with a very successful business model.

When they grew up bigger to a giant, they addicted to complacent and arrogant bad habits. A HP salesman told my friend who worked for a MNC in Penang, “You either buy HP products at my term or you get lost!”.

He remembered this astonishing story forever. 🙂

Which company in the wind-up waiting list?

My best bet is Nokia, while Taiwanese sucker, Logitech who exploited low cost cheap labor in China may survive a bit longer.

I have never used Apple products, I do not know their after sales customer service level. But I believe they are much better off in customer service than HP by judging from the very good response to their products in the market.

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