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Hudud Law is real in future?

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Sin Chew Daily seems in the position to advocate that Hudud Law is real in future, after GE13.

Please comment about Hudud Law in this post only, otherwise I will delete your comments for out of topic.

Actually I ask for more severe punishment than Hudud Law like chopping head for corruption involved more than RM 500,000.

Have a look at this article below sourced from “Sisters of Islam” with regards to Hudud in Terengganu.

The Hudud Law was passed in Terengganu by the previous PAS government and till now nobody dared to have it revoked.

At present, although the law is passed by PAS , it is not implemented by the present authorities.

Hadi Awang has promised to have it implemented if PAS wins the state in the next election.

There was a report that the leader of the opposition said that he would allow any state that wants Hudud to do so (I stand to be corrected).

* HUDUD IN TERENGGANU – A Law to Protect Rapist !

Hudud in Terengganu – A Law to Protect Rapist

The Hudud Bill drafted by the Terengganu state government constitutes a gross violation […]