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Paddy genetics mofidied with lallang gene..this project is having big impact on food supply

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Chinese hybrid paddy planted in Brunei

I was thinking about genetics modified paddy with lalang gene to have a super paddy since Form Four which can grow like lalang in every place. This long lost idea come back after I read the below article about hybrid wheat.

You and me can grow paddy in the backyard and wild paddies with grains like lalang are found every where for people to take its grains freely.

This idea sounds utopia in before, but with the rapid advancement in genetic science and engineering, I believe it’s possible now if Malaysia is injecting more resources into this research.

Someone like Singapore may steal this idea and patented the super paddy if they manage to create a new super crop.

May be I should pass this subject to my nephew who is studying biotechnology in UKM now.

Think about it, why Australia with population not larger than Malaysia can achieve more breakthroughs in R&D?

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