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Mahathir declares war against constitution. He want to send Chinese and Indians to China and India.

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Almost all English mainstream media like The Star and NST have censored Mahathir’s seditious remark on the role played by Tunku Abdul Rahman to give citizenship to one million non-Malays before Malaya Independence. Only one Chinese newspaper dared to publish Mahathir’s comments, others were imposing self-censorship.

The social contract inked by three major races before Malaya Independence are,

– All Chinese, Indian, and other races resided permanently in the Malaya are given citizenship automatically if they apply for it before or on 31st August 1957.

– The special position for Malays and orang asli.

– The Malay sultanate institute are maintained with the legal immunity power.

– Etc.

These agreements are covered in the Federation of Malaya Independence Act 1957 and Malaysia Consitution and cannot be disputed by any public member in any media. Only the parliament is allowed to discuss and amend them with the 2/3 majorities.

Dr. Mahathir has opened the floodgate for all to dispute “social contracts” in the constitution, this is a very dangerous move especially from an influential and prominent personalty.

I will be charged for sedition within 24-hour if I make any bad comment on […]