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True reason for 7 million foreign workers in Malaysia

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7 million foreign workers is about 23% of Malaysia population. Do you believe Malaysia a developing country with USD 10,000 GDP per capita needs so many workers? The answer is NO.

I reveal the true reason for you.

Many local people especially blue collar workers suffer most from the uncontrolled influx of foreign workers. Indian is hit hardest than other races.

Besides the huge levy and recruitment fees earned by UMNO crony companies, police is next beneficiary from the presence of illegal workers.

The market price is each illegal worker has to pay RM30 protection money per month to corrupt police. I compute the money paid from 5 million illegal workers each year to police (and their big bosses in Putrajaya) is RM1.8 billion.

Levy goes to government coffer. Monthly protection money collected from illegal workers is matter for UMNO politicians.

BN government allows unlimited import of workers not due to the shortage of workers, but the black money for UMNO corrupt politicians.

MTUC wants govt to freeze recruitment of foreign workers June 26, 2015

MTUC president says the influx of foreign workers would impact society in terms of the safety and […]