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Gambling dens are flourishing in Bolehland

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The illegal gambling dens not just limited in Penang, I saw at least five internet cafes with tinted glasses in my housing and surrounding estates. Some areas are under the jurisdiction of DBKL and some under the Kajang Municipal.

Why no actions are taken against such transparent and open illegal businesses?

Who supposed to cramp down these illegal gambling dens? Police is responsible for cramping down illegal gambling and local council is responsible to shut down business premises without license or abuse its license.

I as a normal citizen can see these internet cafes operating in dubious manner and why police and local council cannot find them. This is a mystery!

Police waits until rakyats like Pertiga have to take their own drastic action to shut down these illegal businesses.

Hisham fails again as Home Minister, he only capable to manage his home, not the nation.

Group ‘raids’ two cyber cafes


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Their workers pulled down the roller shutters minutes after […]