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Talking border security is a joke from our security forces

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They keep blind eyes on three million illegal immigrants from Indonesia and Bangladesh.

Basically we do not need armed forces and immigration to guard our borders, their existence is a waste of resources. Allow free flow through our national borders will save billion ringgit for salary and logistics payments to these useless and corrupt institutions.

Border Security Further Tightened In Conjunction With Aidilfitri

RANTAU PANJANG, Aug 17 (Bernama) — Security along the Malaysia-Thailand border has been tightened further in conjunction with the Aidilfitri season to prevent smuggling and criminal activities although these activites have dropped as compared to last year, said Eighth Infantry Bridage commander Brig Jen Datuk Mohamad Zaki Hamzah.

“A battalion strength force is closely guarding the border and all leave has been frozen to ensure there will be no breaches in border security during this Aidilfitri season,” he told reporters after breaking fast with soldiers on duty at the Pos Tol Tactical Headquarters along the border near here Tuesday.

He said the 123.7km border from Pengkalan Kubur, Tumpat till Kalai, Batu Melintang was guarded round the clock and that yesterday, soldiers at the Ibrahim Pencen tactical headqurters detained […]