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Indians are lucky to be paid for using public toilet

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Public Toilet Users to be Paid Rs. 1 in Ahmedabad

AHMEDABAD: In an innovative way to eradicate practice of open defecation, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has announced ‘use and get paid’ scheme under which people will be paid Re 1 for using public toilets.

The civic body has turned around its ‘pay and use’ public toilets scheme to ‘use and get paid’ in its bid to keep the city clean and curb menace of open defecation.

The novel approach was cleared by Standing Committee of the AMC recently.

Standing Committee Chairman Pravin Patel said the concept of ‘get paid to use public toilet’ will bring out desired results.

“We have around 315 public toilets in the city. And we have identified some 120 areas where open defecation is practiced around the public toilet facility. Initially, users of public toilet will be paid in these areas,” Patel said.

Earlier, the concept was ‘pay and use’ in public toilets, but now it will be ‘use and get paid’ for, he added.

“The Standing committee has given clearance to the scheme and it will be implemented in next 8-10 days,” AMC health department official Paresh Chaudhary […]