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Malaysia police 'cohort' with Indian gangsters to terrorize Chinese residents

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Indian gangsters under the camouflage of legalized security company have terrorized many Malaysians especially Chinese residents in Klang Valley to pay legalized protection fees. This is similar with Mafia tactic used in New York city where every household has to pay exorbitant garbage collection fees where a big portion is channeled into Mafia’s pocket. Mafia will murder any New Yorker who decline to pay illegal garbage collection fees.

If a neighborhood refused to hire gangsters owned security company, the crime rate in the area would be skyrocketed high and houses of those who did not pay were frequently broken into.

Klang Valley is literally the biggest prison in Malaysia.

In the nutshell, Malaysia police under BN government have failed miserably to protect the safety of rakyat. Indian gangsters exploit the weakness of police to terrorize Malaysian Chinese for easy money.

UALA LUMPUR (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) – Residents in guarded communities are being forced to pay protection money – to their security guards.

Many of these guards are nothing more than gangsters who are legitimising their protection racket under the guise of providing security. Residents are effectively paying to protect themselves from those […]