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This is nothing new if the passers-by are Chinese

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I hate to say this is SOP for Malaysian Chinese who are notoriously known as kiasi and selfish in nature.

I saw a similar incident in Muar town when I was a teenager, a Malay man attacked two injured Indians after a motorbike accident. At least 10 Chinese passers-by were watching the attack, but none of them intervened and stopped the attack.

I have to admit I was too weak and afraid to come forward at that time besides my super kiasi elder brother who was dragging me out from the scene.

The Malay man finally stopped to attack two Indians who were lying on the ground after they begged and apologized to him for causing accident. I suspect the Malay is either a soldier or police from his body build and haircut.

Frankly speaking, no Chinese will come forward even they see a girl is raped in the broad daylight.

I spit on Chinese even I am a Chinese.

Passers-by did nothing as teen gets beaten to death

The Star/Asia News Network Friday, Oct 26, 2012

MALACCA: A crowd of some 30 passers-by just stood by and watched two boys beat […]