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The robbers cum rapists are Indians

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Call police if you find these two pariahs, S. Prakash and A. Joseph,

The Star is over sensitive for not publishing the race of criminal.

The robbers cum rapists are Indians, and this accurate info is for you especially lonely girls be vigilant when you are taking taxi driven by Indian drivers.

The American girl was gang raped by 15 Indians as reported in the Chinese papers. The police denied the report and said the girl was raped by one person only.

Malaysian criminals camouflaged as taxi drivers is a new tactic used to prey on victims and most of them are Indians.

Tourist robbed and raped after terror ride

PETALING JAYA: A 25-year-old American tourist was robbed and raped by two men after being taken on a 80km terror ride in a taxi.

The woman had gone shopping at a mall on Monday and hailed the taxi when she had finished.

The taxi driver, with a man in the front passenger seat, picked up the woman.

Sources revealed that instead of heading to her intended destination, the victim was robbed before being taken on a 80km ride from Mutiara Damansara to […]