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Let change Bolehland to Freeland

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Group urges pardon for Indian illegals

THE Commonwealth International Peace Tribunal has urged Malaysia to pardon Indian nationals who overstay to work on their tourist visas.

Its president Selvam Parimanan, who is visiting Malaysia, told Malaysia Nanban that he would send a memorandum on the matter to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and meet political leaders to discuss the problem.

Parimanan, who is Commonwealth Indian Lawyers Council president, said he was told that more than 80,000 Indian nationals were working in Malaysia in various sectors. Of this, about 30% are working illegally.

He said most of the illegals were detained in prisons and detention camps.


Malaysians and foreigners do not observe the laws here because BN and PR governments have the habit of giving discount to traffic compound, lack of enforcement and countless pardons to law offenders.

When no one taking the laws seriously, this Bolehland will be transformed into another South African where 1/3 of women are raped in their lifetime. We shall call Malaysia a freeland; free to kill, free to robe, free to come in, etc. except no freedom in media.