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BN is a PR copycat?

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Syed Hamid rejected the license for individuals not long ago, but his boss Najib has copied the future policy from PR to grant 1000 permits to individual drivers.

BN is a PR copycat, a good sign of having strong opposition.

The taxi drivers complained high taxi rental to UMNO crony companies is the main reason they cannot make enough money to support their families and have to cheat passengers by not using meter.

This reasoning has its logic, but they are a small group of taxi drivers always cheating passengers for quick money whether they hold the taxi permit or not. The black sheep have to be reduced to minimum with strict screening on applicants and enforcement on laws.

I have not encountered a single taxi driver in Singapore refuses to use taxi fare meter, but there are still some unscrupulous drivers refuse to take passengers to certain places during the peak hours by pretending they are going home with the red light on.

The taxi driver’s photo printed on one-time sticker should be displayed on the side windows, not inside the taxi. Once the passenger enters the crooked taxi, it’s too […]