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Indon Anti-Malaysia website is blocked by TMNUT

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Using proxy server to bypass TM NUT filter for visiting

Let send back three million Indon workers and maids in order to avoid any unnecessary dispute with them.

Singapore is smart and farsighted enough for its no Indon worker policy except the maid.

Anti-Malaysia fever migrates to Internet

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 12 – While anti-Malaysia protests in Indonesia have subsided on the streets, angry Indonesians are still taking to the Internet to express their anger against their neighbours.

Hundreds of thousands of netizens have joined groups such as Anti-Malaysia (Malingsia) and Ganyang Malaysia on social networking site Facebook.

One of the biggest, Anti-Malaysia (Malingsia), boasts more than 318,000 members, and its “wall” features an image of a skeleton in the middle of a disfigured Malaysian flag.

“Ganyang” means “crush” and “maling” means “steal” in Malay, a reference to Indonesians’ belief that Malaysia has been adopting as its own what they see as Indonesian culture and heritage.

The angry rhetoric on the Net mirrors the anger seen on the streets of Jakarta earlier this week, when Indonesians staged protests and attempted to search for Malaysian passers-by.

The ill will surfaced after Indonesians saw a […]