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Indonesian thugs declare war against Malaysia on 8 Oct 2009

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These donkeys need decent jobs to feed themselves and their families. High unemployment rate in Indonesia is creating potential social unrest.

Coconut dealers here can employ this below thug for his head kung fu. LOL

“First, we asked the government to close the Malaysian Embassy here and send all the country’s citizens back home. Second, the government should close our embassy there and send home all the Indonesian migrant workers.

“And last of all, we demanded that the government declare war against Malaysia.”

Indonesian Vigilantes Prepare For Battle in Malaysia

Ade Mardiyati

A young recruit from anti-Malaysia group Bendera taking part in combat training. (Antara Photo) Indonesian Vigilantes Prepare For Battle in Malaysia

At this moment in Jakarta, a group of Indonesians are putting the final touches to their plan to invade Malaysia and wage war. Benteng Demokrasi Rakyat has announced Oct. 8 as the date of this D-day, when it says it will avenge all the wrongs committed against Indonesia by its neighbor .