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Indonesia will kill off palm oil plantation in Malaysia

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With cheaper labor cost and no export duty in Indonesia definitely make its palm oil cheaper than Malaysia.

What Malaysia can do is to diverse its agriculture base than relying on palm oil and rubber to find another blue ocean.

Malaysians have to upgrade know-how and techniques in agriculture sector in order to compete with other countries. The old method used by my late father is too obsolete and ineffective to achieve high yield and quality at par with other international competitors.

The chili powder is ten times more value added than dry raw chili as sold by farmers. The manufacturers reap more profits than farmers.

Indonesia monthly palm oil exports climb 39% m/m in Nov

JAKARTA: Palm oil exports from Indonesia, the world’s top producer, rose 39 percent to 1.978 million tonnes in November compared to the previous month, industry data showed on Monday.

This year, palm oil output is expected to be about 28 million tonnes, with around 18 million tonnes exported.

Indonesia’s top customers for the edible oil include India, China and Europe.

In January-November, exports to India totalled 5.180 million tonnes, China 2.749 million tonnes and the European Union […]