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Make child care center a compulsory for all privite companies and public agencies

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There is no mistake for laying down one task for each Indonesian maid, you either take it or leave it.

Indonesian government already told Malaysia with a very clear and loud signal, please go fly a kite if you cannot pay minimum wage of RM700 with specialized task maid service. There are demands from other countries for Indon maids.

I saw a lot of Indonesian maids hanging around in Macau city center when I visited Macau years ago. Besides Indon maids get higher pays in Macau, they are treated like human beings by their employers unlike in Malaysia.

Instead of make it a compulsory for all private companies to provide quality child care center, BN government is harping on recruiting maids with the ultimate goal of helping private companies in cost saving.

Of course, we all know UMNO cronies will make a hundred millions for bringing maids to Malaysia.

One maid, one task ruling ‘a mistake’

KUALA LUMPUR: There is no such thing as a “one maid, one task” ruling that states that Indonesian maids will only perform one of four tasks at a minimum wage of RM700.

Labour Department director-general Datuk […]