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Substitute to Quaker Oats

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I had started consuming oats since two years ago for its zero cholesterol content. I’m not expecting to live longer but be healthy is more important. No all cholesterols are bad to our health, our body still need a certain amount of cholesterols for cell membrane growth.

The new recipe I invented is cooked oats and porridge with fresh milk. Pour in fresh milk after the oats is fully cooked and keep it boiling for 5 to 10 minutes.

If you wanna change your diet, I suggest you buy the cheaper oats from the Giant or Econ supermarket with just a half of price compared to branded oats as mentioned below.

Eating more bananas will also reduce emotional stress and depression.

A bad habit I still cannot get rid of is lack of routine exercise, a critical component for maintaining good health in the long run.

Top winners reduce cholesterol levels after eating oats for a month

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THE grand prize winner in the Quaker Oats Smart Heart Challenge 2011, Normala Nordin, not only managed to reduce her cholesterol by 32.89%, she also ended up RM7,000 richer — thanks to the […]