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Malaysia is first country in South East Asia connected to internet, but its present status is pathethic

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Malaysia connected to internet in 1993 via Jaring, the first in South East Asia and also among the few in Asia.

Sadly to say the present internet connectivity speed in Malaysia is at the bottom in South East Asia.

Malaysia is in the bottom top 10 in Google download speed benchmarking survey for 50 countries. The funny thing is Singapore is also in the bottom 10 for mobile downloading speed, but let wait and see how Singapore improving its internet mobile infrastructure in next 3 years.

Kiasuland seems is complacent also after attaining the richest nation status in the world.

China and Vietnam are well above Malaysia in desktop and mobile internet performamce.

Top 10 in Desktop Speeds (in seconds) Slovak Republic (3.3) South Korea (3.5) Czech Republic (3.7) Netherlands (3.9) Japan (4) Denmark (4.3) Switzerland (4.3) Sweden (4.5) Belgium (4.6) Norway (4.8)

Bottom 10 in Desktop Speeds (in seconds) Chile (10) Colombia (10.2) Peru (11.7) Brazil (11.8) Argentina (12.8) Malaysia (14.3) Venezuela (14.9) India (15.1) Philippines (15.4) Indonesia (20.3)

Top 10 in Mobile Speeds (in seconds) South Korea (4.8) Denmark (5.2) Hong Kong (5.9) Norway (6) Sweden (6.1) Estonia (6.2) Czech […]