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About 28.7% world population online!

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There were about 500 million internet users 10 years ago, and 400% growth achieved in last 10 year period.

The same growth rate cannot be sustained for next decade, otherwise more internet users than the world population, projected at about 7.5575 billion by 2020.

107 trillion emails sent last year: Pingdom


WASHINGTON, Jan 15: Internet users sent a total of 107 trillion emails last year, most of them spam, according to a Web monitoring service.

The number of emails sent last year were among the facts and figures about the Internet gathered by Pingdom from various sources and published Thursday at

Pingdom said that as of June 2010, there were 1.97 billion Internet users: 825.1 million in Asia, 475.1 million in Europe, 266.2 million in North America, 204.7 million in Latin America and the Caribbean, 110.9 million in Africa, 63.2 million in the Middle East and 21.3 million in Oceania and Australia.

Pingdom said an average of 294 billion email messages were sent per day and about 89 percent were spam.

It said there are 2.9 billion email accounts worldwide and 152 million blogs.

The total number of […]