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Islam only an official religion in 80s, not since independence

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Many people including me thought Islam is an official religion since independence. Thus you can see UMNO propaganda in the main stream media is so powerful until people like me with a critical mind also being fooled and misled for a long time. What do you expect Malay kampong folks not brainwashed by UMNO?

The rigid law of disallow Muslims to convert to other religion is also a master piece of Mahathir in 80s.

I have no bad feeling against Islam, except the UMNO-way of imposing Islamic values in non-Muslims is truly make me sick.

I worked in Indonesia for several years, and feel Indonesian government is liberal and fair in religion policies for its people. Although Indonesian Muslims are free to convert to other religion, the statistics says the percentage of Muslim population in Indonesia is never decreased over the years under such liberal policy.

Abdul Hadi’s statement on amending constitution mere political talk — Najib

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