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After Islam was made official religion in 80s by Mahathir, some Muslims made claims for these ....

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Our northern neighbor Thailand with 90% Buddhists has never made Buddhism as its official religion.

Tunku was smart for not making Islam as the official religion in the Malaysia original constitution because I believe he knew Islam will be played up by some politicians and Malay fanatics for their political gains.

The Article 3 as stating “Islam is the religion of the Federation; but other religions may be practiced in peace and harmony in any part of the Federation”.

No such official wording in the constitution related to Islam status as the official religion as claimed by many.

Muslims cannot convert to other religion only be made as a law in 80s by Mahathir. Tunku is liberal on religious belief and never stop local Muslims to embrace any religion they wanted.

Some fascist Muslims like Ibrahim Ali have blatantly to call Muslims to burn Malay language Bible with Allah words inside is the consequences of making Islam as the official religion in Malaysia.

Some royal family members are also dancing with Ibrahim Ali to claim Allah is exclusively for Islam.

Why no such religious fanaticism before Mahathir took over premiership in 1981?

Because […]