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Why Malaysia supported Moro Muslim rebels in 70s and 80s?

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Many BN haters conveniently blamed Malaysian government for helping Moro rebels in 70s and 80s which have bitten back Malaysia.

I opined Malaysia had sponsored and supported Moro Muslim rebels in 70s and 80s as an eye to an eye to a covert war planned by Marcos besides the Muslim brotherhood link with the Suluk.

Anyway, these rebels are a new threat to Sabah security.

Project IC to wrest control the state government from PBS is the main cause for the terrorism in Sabah by the Sulu Sultan’s followers.

Jabidah: The Pinoy fighters trained in the 1960s to ‘reclaim’ Sabah

An elite group of fighters were secretly trained in different parts of the Philippines in the 1970s [should be 1960s] with only one mission in mind – to reclaim Sabah from Malaysia.

They were called the Jabidah, a contingent of Moro fighters from Sulu, Basilan, and Tawi-Tawi who were trained in Manila, Corregidor, and Fort Magsaysay in Nueva Ecija.

The mission failed, ending in the Jabidah Massacre or Corregidor Massacre on March 18, 1968, nearly 45 years ago.

According to a report of the news site Pinoy Weekly, the […]