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Jackie Chan is a big mouth 50-cent gang member

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He has condemned anyone and any country against the Communist China for a simple reason, he really need the mainland market for his monotonous action films.

This fella is a typical 50-cent gang member, talking a lot of non-essential bullshits.

He always argued that he has freedom to say whatever he wants to say. He forgets that his master in mainland does not allow anyone to criticize them freely.

Jackie Chan, the most corrupt country in the world is Malaysia and the second is China.

Jackie Chan calls US ‘most corrupt’ country in the world

AFP Saturday, Jan 12, 2013

HONG KONG – Hong Kong action hero Jackie Chan has once again provoked criticism, this time from an American blogger, after suggesting on Chinese television that the US is the “most corrupt” country in the world.

“When you talk about corruption – the whole world, is there corruption in the United States? The most corrupt in the world!” the Rush Hour star, who has made headlines recently for his controversial views, told Phoenix TV last month.

Chan reaffirmed his view after the show’s host questioned him – “Of course! Where did the great […]