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Third world maintenance culture

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The same NO regular maintenance excuse is used repeatedly after a disaster in Malaysia, yet the same disaster will happen again and again.

I remember no development is allowed for slope with more than 45 degree after Highlands Tower incident and the ban is clearly opened up for luxury bungalows for VIPs in Bukit Setiawangsa.

Vital to have regular maintenance of slope, says expert

Vital to have regular maintenance of slope, says expert

PETALING JAYA: It is safe to stay above an anchored slope but regular maintenance is required to ensure the slope’s safety, said engineer and geo-technical consultant Dr Gue See Sew.

He said such slope would be safe if it was maintained every six months.

“An anchored slope is used for steep slopes that is strengthened by ground anchors in the rock or soil behind it. The anchors need to be restressed (tightening the anchor) consistently to maintain the carrying capacity of the ground anchors.

“If the carrying capacity is reduced without re-stressing, the safety of the slope is reduced in time. This is when landslides can occur,” he said yesterday.

Dr Gue, who is past president of the Institution […]