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Did China ambassador interfere in Malaysia's domestic affairs?

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The answer is NO.

If we see the human rights protection is an universal value, then the reminder of China Ambassador, Mr Huang on red shirts planned rally is within the scope of human rights declaration of United Nations and a reminder to Malaysian government to protect the safety of Chinese tourists.

Malaysia in the past was actively voicing out against various international issues such as Muslim genocide in Bosnia, Rohingya refugee in Mynmar, Moro rebellion in Philippines, Pattani separation in Southern Thailand, Palestine occupation in Middle East, Singapore Malay ill-treatment by PAP government, etc.

How on earth BN government is easily forgot that they have interfered in so many domestic affairs of other nations? Practicing double standards on non-interference policy is a self-insulting on Khairy’s intelligence.

Why Khairy was crying like a baby to accuse China ambassador was interfering on Malaysia domestic affairs when he merely touched on an attempted riot threat in Petaling Street by a Malay racist, Jamal?

Human rights violation on its citizens by any government is no longer a domestic affair under the UN human rights charter. Let say Sri Lankan government supporters intimidate Malay citizens in […]