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Johor state government extorted RM500,000 from JB Ancient Temple Committee

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The main viewing platform for 2012 chingay procession in Jalan Ah Fook used to be prepared by JB Ancient Temple Committee. Johor government has decided to take over the platform preparation due to both PM Najib and Johor Sultan will present to watch the ancient temple annual chingay procession.

The shocking fact is Johor government was asking one million ringgit from the temple committee for a 300-ft long platform setup. The final price was reduced to RM500,000 after tense negotiation.

RM500,000 is still a rip-off for such a project!

Chua Soi Lek should answer why Johor state government cannot absorb the expenses for the main platform?

Please circulate this daylight extortion news to everyone you know.