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Jessie Ooi and her master, MCA are total bankrupt in credibility

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“林首长,我是半个槟城人。你刚才讲说,你要减轻人民的负担;第二, 你们赚了很多钱。我要告诉你,你误导人民!因为门牌税起价,所有的东西都起价!”



Her facebook is a hot potato now

Her newly released press statement had denied blatantly that she was attacking Penang PR in assessment tax issue.

“You 你” when she shouted at Lim Guan Eng with a new interpretation, “you” now is actually for Selangor government.

“Assessment tax increased 门牌税起价” is also with a new interpretation, now its actual meaning is “assessment tax is not reduced as promised”

For car towing issue, I am not so sure the car is locked first and then towed away is a standard operating procedure.

She did not produce evidence on her accusation that someone was suffered head injuries and bleeding due to brawl caused by the towing incident in Georgetown.

If anyone is concerned for robbery, he/she will not withdraw money from ATM after 10.30PM.

How on earth to provide sufficient parking lots right next to ATM center? No more than 5 parking lots can be drawn in front of ATM center in Georgetown unless stacking method is used.

Actually she lied, banking district in Lebuh Bishop and Lebuh Pantai in Georgetown is usually deserted after 9PM, finding a strategic […]