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Foreign and Malay companies discriminate against Malay graduates more than Chinese companies

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“It was also found that discrimination against Malay applicants is highest among foreign-controlled companies, followed by Malay-controlled companies, then Chinese-controlled companies.”

This study rebuts many Malays who blame Chinese companies discriminated Malay graduates. Perkasa must hold a protest against foreign and Malay companies for more discrimination against Malay graduates.

Actually most Malay-controlled listed companies hire non-Malays to run their business for a simple reason, money matter. No profit-oriented companies hire someone regardless your race who cannot make money for them.

A MNC I worked for in Penang only hired Malay graduates from overseas universities after trial and error hiring process. Those Malay graduates from foreign universities having better working attitude than local Malay graduates.

Anyway, Sri Lankan graduates are the worst attitude workers in my memory.

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A new study discovers that Malay graduates stand a lesser chance in being called up for an interview compared to their Chinese counterparts.

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