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Stop importing foreign workers

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Malaysia with only 27 millions popoulation employs 3-4 million foreign workers is truly crazy.

Najib shall tough enough to resist pressure from Chinese taukeh and MNCs to allow them to hire foreingers freely.

I can tell you more than 90% of workers in the Gersik Industrial Zone in Tangkak are foreigners. The factory owners shall shift their factories to Vietnam or Bangdalesh instead of shifting humans to Malaysia.

Taiwan government had to make a tough call many years ago to stop importing foreign cheap labors. The result is only short-term pains for the local companies before they moved up to higher value chain.

Malaysian Indians have been discriminated in the job market is not a secret.

Job vacancies available but firms not hiring locals

SEREMBAN: Employers, particularly those in the manufacturing sector, are advertising vacancies but not hiring, claim job seekers and the MTUC.

They said this was a ploy to hoodwink authorities into believing that they were unable to get locals to fill the vacancies.

They would then use this to justify their case to get foreign workers.

Several individuals contacted The Star to complain about such practices.

S. Ajay, who […]