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Flood in Northern Johore is eye opening on how BN screw up our people.

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Panchur town was flooded in 5 feets high water.

A big chuck of the money supposed to be used for flood mitigation went into BN politicians’ pockets. Then, the remaining funds channel into substandard projects managed by contractors linked to UMNO.

My best bet is less than 10% funds are utilized for the intended purpose.

Flood mitigation efforts just did not work

THE people of Segamat would like to have some concrete answers from the authorities on the recent devastating floods.

Didn’t the authorities carry out preventive measures following the 2006 flood? We were told then the 2006 deluge was a freak of nature, only happening once in 30 years.

We were also informed that the Government had approved flood mitigation projects such as replacing the old drains around Kampung Abdullah with larger drains and widening of the Segamat River.

The flood mitigation projects to alleviate or prevent flooding due to unexpectedly heavy rainfall proved to be ineffective last month.

The water level rose even higher in our homes and shops than in 2006, destroying goods and damaging property. Happening just days before Chinese New Year, imagine the havoc it wreaked.

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