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Impose levy on those Malaysians who visit casino in Singapore

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Johoreans exodus in droves to visit and gamble at down south casinos is not a small issue and start taking a toll on our economy. Besides ruining the harmonious family life for many gamblers, our country is losing a huge sum of foreign exchange for such unproductive activity which is detrimental to our economic health.

What Malaysian government can do about this “man-made” disease?

Indeed, there is no easy solution to control the exodus. It is very unlikely the Singapore government will impose a levy on Malaysians patronizing their casinos.

I suggest a quick fix measure for our government to consider, let impose RM300 levy per trip on Malaysians not working and studying in Singapore who make more than an outbound trip to Singapore in a month. Levy exemption can made for transport operators.

This measure is still flexible for other Malaysians who need to visit Singapore occasionally for various reasons.

Singapore government can impose a levy on her citizens for visiting their own casinos, there is no reason Malaysia cannot apply the same modified rule on her citizens.