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JPA overseas scholarship abolishment only affecting non-bumi

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This is another trick by BN to discriminate Chinese and other non-bumis. Bumi students still have tons of overseas scholarship from MARA, Petranas and other GLCs without JPA scholarship.

Let talk about scholarships from the public fund with fact

BN government awarded 3500 scholarships each year, 2000 is allocated for MARA and remaining 1500 is for JPA. JPA scholarships are then divided into bumi 500 and non-bumi 500.

Therefore, the ratio is 86% for bumi and 14% for non-bimi.

Let say I submit to NEP 30% mandatory share for bumi, 86% is still well above 30% quota.

By abolishing JPA scholarships, the goal score will change to 100% bumi and 0% to non-bumi.

God saves Malaysia with apartheid policy!

PM: Scholarships for overseas undergraduate studies to be reduced BY IZATUN SHARI

KUALA LUMPUR: Scholarships for overseas undergraduate studies will gradually be reduced, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

He said the Government would now concentrate on awarding scholarships for overseas postgraduate studies.

“The Government’s position is that scholarships involving overseas programme will be concentrated on the post-graduate level, but it will be done gradually so that we can build up institutions of […]