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Malaysia Kangaroo court masturbates again

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Under the instruction from his real boss, the kangaroo court’s judge has to reverse its earlier decision. Only idiots with IQ as low as 50 will believe there is still a justice in the Malaysia court system.

Yes, this is 1Malaysia justice, the justice only stand up on the bed, not in the court.

Court Reverses Earlier Ruling, Allows Three Exhibits As Evidence

KUALA LUMPUR, March 23 (Bernama) — The High Court on Wednesday reversed its decision by allowing the prosecution’s application to admit three exhibits — a mineral water bottle, a toothbrush and a morning towel — but dismissed a second application to compel Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to provide samples for DNA comparison.

Justice Datuk Mohamad Zaidin Mohd Diah ruled that when he made his initial decision after a trial-within-a-trial, the court did not have the testimony of investigation officer Supt Judy Blacious Pereira and arresting officer Supt Ahmad Taufik Abdullah, who confirmed that the arrest on July 16, 2008 was lawful.

“I decided to exclude the exhibits since the prosecution could not tender it at that time (during the trial-within-a-trial) and since this application was made after the evidence of […]