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Kampung Buah Pala Scandal :: LGE should explain this mysterious event

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LGE and his gang always argued with a half-truth fact that Penang state government has to pay out compensation if he canceled the land deal negotiated by the previous BN government.

The reality check is Lim Guan Eng had the golden opportunity to reject the land deal because the payment from the koperasi was not fulfilled as per 30-day grace period.

As a matter of fact no compensation to buyer is needed if the buyer defaults the purchase agreement.

Somehow, he chose to ink the deal for the reasons only know to him. LGE should explain to public members and Kampung Buah Pala residents on this mysterious event.

Many former Buah Pala villagers not paid compensation

News 2011-01-27 11:44

PENANG, Wednesday 26 January 2011 (Bernama) — A group of Kampung Buah Pala residents who had to evict two years ago, claimed that they have yet to receive compensation as promised.

Kampung Buah Pala Residents Association chairperson M. Sugumaran said he and nine other families were disappointed with the state government because it has claimed that the issue of compensation for Kampung Buah Pala has been resolved.

“We were surprised to see […]