PR White Elephant >>>

Another white lie from Lim Guan Eng. He used public fund to lie on Kancil Car Park

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UMNO is using a private owned, Utusan to twist and lie about anything. But LGE goes a step further by using Buletin Mutiara funded by public fund to twist and lie.

Both BN and PR governments have to be responsible for kancil car park’s blunder. Ng Yen Yen and Lim Guan Eng both are spinless politicians who have never accepted responsibility and accountability.

PR machai is taking Buletin Mutiara like a Bible and expect me to believe it blindly, otherwise my mental health is in question.

PR running dogs are hitting below belt like UMNO PapaButa.

Twisted take on fiasco

GEORGE TOWN: The state government’s bi-monthly bulletin has misled the people with its take on the controversial ‘Kancil car park’, said Bukit Bendera MCA division chief Tang Heap Seng.

He said its recent “misleading essay” had led the public into believing that the state government had nothing to do with all that had gone wrong because it was a federal project.

“Please be very clear that while the Federal Government funded the car park, its implementation, calling of tender and construction were all under the administration of the Penang Development Corporation (PDC).

“This […]