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Kancil Car Park's Saga :: The pot calls kettle is black (Not metalic black)

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In his eagerness to rebut Ng Yen Yen’s chiding, Penang Chief Minister has lost his cool and made two silly mistakes or irresponsible statements in his press conference yesterday. See youtube,

Firstly, he argued he has no link with PDC Consultancy Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of PDC where he serves as a Chairman. In order to support his point, he even said and implied that PM Najib also should not be held responsible for NFC Cow Bungalow scandal from his subordinate.

This is an amazing twist of tongue from a politician who raped his own CAT principle merely to cover up his own mistake.

The fact is any CEO for a company is accountable for any decision made by his/her subordinates.

Secondly, the investigation panel’s official report was not released to public prior to his press conference, but he questioned Ng’s credibility as a doctor on understanding technical jargons in the report is also an uncalled for and immature response.

A panel consists of a Professor, a President of a professional body, etc. does not guarantee the report is accurate, unbiased and professionally presented.

The fact is any technical report has […]