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Gerakan spat before 12nd election is a lesson for DAP

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The caste system thinking is still deeply rooted in Indians, they are good in infighting among themselves like Chinese.

DAP seems never learn any lesson from Gerakan who was fighting for chief minister post before 12nd election. They thought BN sure win in Penang.

DAP think it also sure win in Penang in 13rd GE.

God blessing DAP for not repeating Gerakan’s fate.

No room for two tigers in Penang

By Baradan Kuppusamy

With the general election imminent, the worsening feud between DAP deputy secretary-general Dr P. Ramasamy and national chairman Karpal Singh has put the party in a dilemma. There is no place for two leaders in Penang, so one has to go.

THE DAP is in a dilemma on the “eve” of the crucial general election, with the feud between deputy secretary-general Dr P. Ramasamy, who is also deputy Penang Chief Minister II, and national chairman Karpal Singh worsening.

Like two tigers on one small hill, there is no place for both. One has to go.