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Who should go? Karpal or Ramasamy

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DAP without Karpal is going stray and arrogant, BN styled corruption and cronyism will prevail in the DAP.

Penang sPICE and Penang Hill Kancil car park are typical corruption, cronyism and nepotism (KKN in Indonesia) cases as practiced by BN.

Lim Kit Siang should know sPICE project is totally wrong, but his will keep silence because his golden son is in charge and responsible for sPICE. This is the blind spot for parents when they are dealing with their sons or daughters.

Ramasamy must go, says Karpal


GEORGE TOWN: The spat between DAP chairman Karpal Singh and Dr P. Ramasamy has reignited with the veteran leader demanding that the Penang Deputy Chief Minister II resign from his post for making allegations against party leaders.

Karpal said Dr Ramasamy’s position was no longer tenable in the state government because he had defied a directive from the party’s three-member committee not to talk about their spat to the press.

“He has made baseless allegations against party leaders and his statement amounts to attempted corruption,” he said at a press conference here yesterday.

Karpal referred to a report in The Star […]