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MACC is quick to act when allegation involved PR

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This kind of kickback is a BN tradition since I know how to read ABC.

Those NGOs who apply for fund from BN assemblyman know this hidden rule.

The NGO is either to pay 30% kickback or get nothing. So, the decision is clear cut, pay 30% kickback to the middleman.

MACC moves in to investigate 30% rebate claim


ALOR SETAR: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission has stepped in to investigate allegations that Pakatan Rakyat representatives have been asking for 30% “rebate” from Kedah government allocations, with a businessman questioned about kickbacks.

Kedah MACC director Mohamad Yusoff Akope said that officers went to the 55-year-old man’s house to interview him, but declined to elaborate as the probe was ongoing.

He said the commission would investigate the complaints from several Chinese organisations raised during a dialogue with MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek in Sungai Petani last Friday.