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Kedah is a backwater state under PAS

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I’m fully agree with Tourism Minister’s comment on tourism in Kedah is deteriorating under the PAS-led PR government.

The tourist arrivals drastic dropped from 1.9 million in 2009 to 1.1 million in 2010 indicated something amiss in Kedah. Lack of proactive promotion and campaign by Kedah government unlike Sabah government.

I visited Sungai Kedim Forest Reserve in Kulim last May, and found there are spider nets inside the office, I bumped into one of the spider nets. Hardly more than 10 visitors climbed up the longest tree top walk in the world for the the second half of the day.

How many local people heard about this park famous for its whitewater rafting? Ask yourself did you know Sungai Kedim Forest Reserve before you read my posting? The tree top canopy walk was erected in 2005, already six years old, and yet the attraction is still unknown to many Malaysians.

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Have you visited Merbok museum and archaeological site? My first visit was in 1984 and made a second visit a few years later.

PAS only weapon to attract conservative rural Malays is hudud […]