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Poser to PR why Islamic law is applied to non-Muslims?

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We were told and assured repeatedly by PAS and PR that Hudud Laws only apply on Muslims.

Personally I do not mind Iran’s model of hudud law is applied on me because non-Mulsims in Iran are still allowed to drink alcohol. Nevertheless, I have to respect the majority of non-Muslims in Malaysia who do not want to live under Hudud law.

Although top leaders in PAS have responded that PAS MAY review no unisex hair salon by-law in Kelantan, but the response from Kota Baru council president is alarming.

He posed this question in Facebook, “Do you want your husband’s hairs cut by a pretty female barber?”

What is wrong if a man’s haircut is done by a pretty barber? A man becomes less moral for seeing a pretty girl?

Such narrow and weired thinking is not limited to certain PAS members and it was shared by Tourism Minister, Ng Yen Yen who opposed local families to hire Mainland Chinese maids for too sexy and seductive to husband.

Anyway, my friend’s wife has followed Ng’s advice by picking an ugly Indonesian maid. 🙂

What do you say, DAP? Are you going to withdraw […]