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Malaysia customer is number one gentleman in the world

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The company should pay financial compensation to victim for such as traumatic mental shock and physical damages from the fracas.

The message conveyed is a company’s workers can beat the customer at will, and the price is just say sorry to your customer in the media.

I strongly urged KFCH to donate RM200,000 as social compensation for public awareness campaign on customer service.

KFC Malaysia apologises over i-City incident

Solving Things Amicably…From left: Mr Danny Ng and his family members together with Mr Alan Au, Deputy President, KFC Malaysia; Mr Conrad De Lima, Vice President, KFC Operations and Puan Rosniza Baharum, General Manager, Group Corporate Communications.

PETALING JAYA (Feb 18, 2012): KFC Malaysia has apologised to Danny Ng and customers present at its i-City Shah Alam on 6 February 2012 over unsatisfactory services rendered by staff at that outlet.

In a statement to the media, KFC Malaysia said in reference to the Feb 6 incident: “KFC Malaysia would like to extend our sincere apologies to all our customers who were present during that day, particularly to Mr Danny Ng Chee Fei, for the unsatisfactory services rendered by our staff and the inconvenience caused.”