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Why I choose Kingsoft Office, not or StarOffice to replace MS Office?

There are two reasons, firstly is Kingsoft Office’s interface is mimicked Microsoft Office with minimum learning curve for any MS Office user and secondly is Kingsoft offce is a thin (23 MB) package with three basic components available;

Writer (=MS Word), Spreadsheets (=MS Excel) and Presentation (=MS Powerpoint).

Currently Kingsoft Office Personal is free for 100 days trial unlike its free WPS Office Chinese version.

Where to download?

Chinese version WPS Office


Simply replaces your current office Software. Writer is the compact, office compatible all in one document creation system for business. It’s an advanced document platform, completely compatible using standard interfaces, buttons, windows and menus. Delivering a zero learning curve experience for people already familiar with Office applications.


KSO Complex spreadsheets with tabs Formulas can be created and edited with no difference in layout or operation. KSO09’s Extended functionality provides cell autocompletion, tabbed windows, advanced charting and PDF export functionality, compatible with your current documents all included. KSO09 is the choice for offices needing fast and accurate data on a wide range of PC specifications. […]