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We are boleh, but for wrong reason

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Not a surprise to rate KL is riskest city in the world with Musa Hasan as Police chief. Ah Longs, Mat Rempits, motobike snapped thieves and illegal workers are found all over the KL city.

BUT police is super-efficient when it come down to opposition.

KL among top riskiest offshore places, says survey

NEW DELHI: Kuala Lumpur is listed among the top five riskiest offshore locations in the world while Singapore is in the top five safest locations in a worldwide survey.

The riskiest and safest lists are published in the 2009 edition of the Black Book of Outsourcing, brought out every year by US-based Brown-Wilson Group.

The annual publication is considered a major independent analysis and advisory research for the outsourcing players and investors globally.

The rankings of safest and riskiest places are based on factors like high terrorist or rebel target threats, uncontrolled environment waste and pollution, corruption and organised crime, unstable currency, geopolitical conditions and unsecured networks and technology.

In the riskiest 25 list, Bogota in Columbia is at the top followed by Bangkok in Thailand, Johanesburgh in South Africa, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and Kingston in Jamaica among the […]