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Idris, you do not need to wait for 50 years to see high speed rail from KL to Penang

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If you are willing to think out of the box, the present dual rail track from KL to Penang can be converted to high speed rail.

The 200-year old rail track in America is still sturdy and strong to support 240 km per hour JetTrain.

The newly built dual track for 120 km per hour snail train can be reinforced easily to support 240 km per hour high speed train powered by gas turbine engine. You do not need to build a high voltage power line along the rail track for using JetTrain.

I believe PR will able to make it happen in 5 years if they do not think with old mindset like BN.

KL-Singapore high-speed rail has potential to extend to Penang

KUALA LUMPUR: The high-speed rail (HSR) link between Malaysia and Singapore has potential to be extended to Penang and even further to Bangkok and Beijing, said Datuk Seri Idris Jala.

But such a move, if it were to happen, would only take place 50 to 100 years from today, the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department said at Standard & Poor’s Asean capital markets seminar on Friday.

“For now […]