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Mexico high speed rail should be the benchmark for KL-Singapore HSR

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Mexico High Speed Rail Project

Railway distance: 210 km Train speed: 300 Km/h Track: Double electrifying rails Construsction days: 1210 days Maintenance days: 1800 days

The tender awarded to a China company is 58.95 billion Mexico pesos (14.464 billion RM) or RM 68.88 million per mile. Mexico HSR project is quite similar with KL-SG HSR for train speed requirement. The distance for KL-SG HSR is almost double than Mexico HSR.

I expect the cost for KL-SG HSR with about 350 Km must be within the range of 24-25 billion ringgit.

The latest news is the tender is cancelled by Mexico President because of only a company bidded for the tender.